Khaydak is a Dagestan brand created in 2021. Shamil Magomedov, the founder of the brand, started with hand-knitted items, which depicted elements of the Kaitag embroidery ornament. The main source of inspiration for Shamil is the Caucasus and Dagestan in particular, where he was born and raised. The main goal of the designer is to reveal the richness of the cultural code through modern fashion.
A distinctive feature of his work is bright, saturated colors, original and bold design solutions, collections permeated with sharp individuality and originality. The idea of the brand is to create its own unique and colorful world. The universe of Khaydak is an interpretation of the characters of the mythological culture of Dagestan. The newly revived fabulous images, dressed in the brand's clothes, change the perception of reality. These clothes, which came to a person, reincarnate and transfer him to the otherworldly Dagestan, to an alternative reality.